ECENCE Trading GmbH is an online retailer specializing in the sale of home and garden products. We find solutions for practical problems in everyday life. The range of products is broad and yet there is a common standard that all articles fulfil: The high product quality.

What makes ECENCE products so special?

Many articles have an aha effect on customers. They offer an innovative and practical solution to many challenges faced by home and garden owners.

One example

You are obliged to install smoke detectors in your living rooms and bedrooms. During installation, however, you always run the risk of drilling holes in cables and lines. Changing the batteries is also correspondingly complicated. ECENCE offers suitable magnetic holders for smoke detectors for exactly this purpose. These are self-adhesive and suitable for all common fire and smoke detectors. In addition, the smoke detector mountings can also be used for attaching wireless doorbells or motion detectors.

The product range will be expanded step by step. Further articles are for example:
Spare blades for lawn mowing robots (different models)
Stainless steel hinges
Bungee cords for pavilions

We also carry a wide range of protective covers for smartphones with clever features that can significantly extend the life of your phone.

And: Those who say that you can’t reinvent a toilet roll holder, they don’t know the full ECENCE range yet. Let yourself be surprised by the great ideas behind the individual products. At ECENCE, customers will not only find something for their own use, but also surprising gift ideas for their favourite people.

Where can I buy ECENCE products?

From anywhere, because the entire range is only available online. ECENCE distributes the articles throughout Europe via online marketplaces, in particular eBay, Amazon, Real, Rakuten and Priceminister. Fair prices can be offered through direct sales and by doing without the expensive intermediate trade.